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Below you will find many animated divider bars for your website. If you want non-animated, click on the links to find what your looking for. There are literally thousands in the links below. Divider bars can either make your website look really good or can make it look bad. Pay attention to your page layout and don't make it look too cluttered. One or two animations on a page is more than enough. If there are too many things going on, your readers will get annoyed at too much activity. Many of the websites links below require a link back to their site.


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Animated Divide Bars


Side backgrounds



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Are you tired of the simple horizontal rule line that comes with website design programs. Well look no more!!! You have come to the right place. All the divider bar/lines that you could ever want are in the links as well as several animated ones at the bottom of this page.. They are all free, though some sites will want a link back to their site. If you feel like your in a nice mood today, you could possibly link to my site also. I would really appreciate it.

To download in Windows:

Using your mouse, position it over the image to be copied, right click and when the drop down menu pops up select "save picture as" or "save image as" and save to a destination on your computer.

To download in MAC:

Using your mouse, position it over the image to be copied. Left click and drag and drop it onto your desktop. You can also hold down the mouse button and a menu will appear. select "save image as" or "save image to disk" and save to a destination on your computer.

Thank you for choosing for all of your free animations and graphic needs.


Ender Designs--over 300 assorted graphical lines

Native American buttons, bars, design elements

SMAC Library--two pages of lines

All Free--bars/lines with matching bullets/arrows

Stuffed Animals--Buttons/lines/bars: stuffed animal theme

Windy's Free Image Gallery--horizontal bar graphics

Wilson Info Lines, Bars, Dividers- Animated

CreatingOnline Free bars, horizontal rules. lines



CatStuff Navigational Aids

FREE Graphics- Lines & Bars-Dividers


Free Graphics-Bars, Lines, Dividers. Gratis


Animated Lines--several nicely-designed animations

ClipArtWarehouse--several pages-colorful lines/bars

DragonBear +Graphics- Gemstone Buttons & Bars

Free Animated Dividers - Page Dividers

Horizontal Rules & Objects

Web Weaver--Dividers, Lines and Bars -Lines & Bars - Dividers

Free Baby Page Dividers / Bars / Lines

Free Animations and Gifs - Horizontal Dividers

Miscellaneous Animated Lines & Bars & clipart

Onkle Doug's Animated Bars and Lines Collection

The Shock Zone Bars and Lines

Horizontal Lines - Free Page Dividers

Virtual Land Media-Animated Horizontal Lines



fire divider bar

divider bar

animated divider bar






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